Why To Choose LED Industrial Lighting

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The main purpose of any industrial lighting equipment is to light the particular work area efficiently. Traditional light sources included the use of HPS, Halogen or MH. These had some disadvantages which include:

  1. Efficiency: the efficiency of these industrial lights such as halogen and HPS fixtures are low and the cost is higher.
  2. Lifespan: the lifespan of these lights are short. MH and halogen fixtures can be used in 1-2 years.
  3. Heating Problem: it produces a bit of heat and hence it cannot be used indoors. Also it needs high bay lights which increase the price of the lighting.
  4. Delay while starting: In any workplace situation, industrial lighting is a major and key component. With the growing advanced technologies, more inventions and innovative ideas are added to achieve the particular purpose.

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For instance, the workers on the construction site who work and operate during nights need sufficient lights to do their job effectively and properly.

Traditional halogen lamps do their job but require a large amount of energy. They are not efficient to work long hours. The most efficient lighting such as LED lights is becoming popular among industrial sector and is considered as a reliable source of lighting. It is also available with LED Explosion Proof Lighting.

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LED industrial lighting uses a light-emitting diode as light sources. It is known as a solid-state lighting. These LED devices don’t have any moving parts, no fragile glass environment.

Because of the improved technology of LED, it has become more popular in the lighting industry. Many fixtures and equipment use LED as light sources.

Some of the benefits of LED lighting are:

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  1. Energy Saving: the efficiency of LEDs is around 100lm/w. and the maintenance is over 80lm/w. And comparing these LED lights with HPS lamps, it can save around 50% to 70% of energy. Comparing with halogen lamps, it can save up to 90% of energy.
  2. Eco-friendly: it doesn’t contain any harmful gasses such UV, IR, lead, or mercury. Hence it is considered as an eco-friendly option for industrial lighting.
  3. More color option: LED lights are available with white, red, green or blue and much more. Click here now to grab more information on industrial lighting.