Easy Tips to Sell Your Outdated Jewellery

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If you are among people who have few pieces of broken and old jewelry in their jewelry box then it is the time to get some cash out of those broken pieces.

Read the following points before selling the jewelry to a local shop or selling them online.

  1. Understand the price of scrap gold:

When you go to a shop to purchase jewelry, the cost of the jewelry depends on the value of gold and also on the making charges of the jewelry.

Some people sell this jewelry as scrap gold which highly depends on the content and weight of the jewelry.  The value of scrap gold is always less than the artistic value of jewelry.

  1. Ensure that you are paid properly:

The local shop may offer fewer prices for your jewelry and then offer a high sale rate as soon as you stand and try to leave the place without selling.

You can check out where is the best place to sell jewelry which is broken or outdated online via various sources of internet. Make sure that the buyer offers a satisfaction price and guarantee so that you get the best price for the jewelry.

  1. Safety:

Selling jewelry online is the best way to ensure safety and security. You can visit http://www.circajewels.com/selling-gold-jewelry/ to sell your old worn, broken, outdated or unwanted fine diamonds, watches, platinum gold, silver, and antique jewelry online.

  1. Testimonials:

While selling jewelry makes sure you use a good reputable site which has positive customer reviews and testimonials. Some companies have bad reputation and complaints from the customers who get cheated.

  1. Payment:

There are some online jewelry buyers who ask customers to wait for the money after selling the jewelry. Click here now to get more tips on where to sell your unwanted jewelry.

Try to choose a company that gives money in hand when you sell the jewelry. Also, check for the fast shipping and payment method.

There are some popular companies who provide a printed label and ship the items the same day.