What You Should Know About Wide Format Printer

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Many large and small scale businesses need a wide format printer for taking printouts of different sizes. The printouts that are created from this printer are larger than the normal printouts size. When printouts are created larger then text and image quality of printouts tend to be compromised. However, a right wide format printer can provide you with high-quality printouts as that of small printers. With a right printer, you can take clear and bright printouts of images and text.

Different kinds of technologies are used by these wide format printers depending upon the kind of ink used. Usually, water-based inks are used in these printers that are of two kinds such as dyes and pigments. Pigment ink has dull colors and this ink will not fade when exposed to the UV rays. Whereas dye ink has the darker color than the pigment ink, but it will fade faster than pigment ink when exposed to the UV rays. If you want to get affordable printing services then you can also look for http://www.inkjetmonkey.com/.

Wide format printer is generally used for industrial purposes and not used in homes. You can see these printers in engineering firms, architectural firms, design studios and the printing press. These printers are also used to print posters,  banners, large photos, military maps, detailed building plans and graphic designs.

These printers are also used to print images or texts on different things like ceramic tiles, glass, metal, and wood. These printers are perfect to create displays for the large events. You can also set up visual booths for your company in the trade show with this printer so that you can attract more attention of potential clients. You can also make customized displays for every event of your company with the help of wide format printer.

You can use these wide format printers for the production of storefront displays for the promotional offers or deals provided by your retail shop. You can also create window displays at your shop by taking printouts through this printer. You can also read this blog to get more knowledge about wide format printer.