Do Regular Balls And Pressureless Tennis Balls Function The Same?

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All those green, yellow and sometimes orange balls are more complicated than they appear. Around the world, there more than 200 manufacturing companies who are producing tennis balls according to the specifications set by the international tennis federation according to the norms of the tennis game.

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Though there are various types of tennis balls available in the market, the most marked distinction is between the pressureless and pressurized tennis balls.

Delayed Bounce

As the pressurized tennis balls are hollow from the core, they have filled with the pressurized gas mostly nitrogen and due to this, they have better bounce as compared to pressureless balls. This bouncing effect is short-lived as these balls tend to lose this internal pressure with time

With the help of tennis ball saver, these balls could get their bounce back. According to the experts, these balls can regain their pressure, if they are kept in the charging tube for 6-8 weeks.

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Spin Response

It is known that the pressurized tennis ball has the better spin response than the pressureless tennis balls. However, the spin response of the ball also tends to decrease with time as the bounce of the ball. The spin of the ball is lost with time and use as the gas the gradually diffuses through the shell of the ball.

The pressureless tennis ball is known to become more responsive to spin when the outer cover of the ball tears off.

Flight Speed

It is known that the mass of the pressurized tennis balls is less as compared to the pressurized tennis balls, hence they travel at faster speed. However, the pressurized tennis balls are known to be slow down with age, whereas pressureless tennis balls will get faster as their outer covering diminishes away.

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These are some of the things which most of the people are not aware of the tennis balls. You can browse this website to know more about tennis balls.