Why Is Security Of Oilfield Necessary?

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Theft in the oilfield industry appears to be quite unrealistic to the people who are not from the oilfield industry. But oilfield theft is the major concern for the oilfield business owners.

Do you know oilfield theft reaches around $1 billion every year? These staggering numbers are quite troublesome the business owners and clearly depicts how prone are the oil drilling sites.  

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There are various reason behind the theft in the oilfield industry. First, most oil and gas production sites are located at the remote places. It is simply impossible to monitor the oilfield site 24/7 by state police. The only way seems out is hire personal gate guard services.

Professional security guards are trained to deal with every worst situation possible. They can respond to any emergency situation immediately and report the incident to appropriate state authorities for immediate response.

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The second major reason behind oilfield thefts is expensive machinery at the oil and gas production sites. Machinery use to extract the oil and gas are quite costly. You can not simply allow your oilfield machinery to leave unguarded.

Thieves often look for the opportunity to target the oilfield because expensive machinery sells at a very good price in the market. You can not even think of doing business in the oilfield industry without hiring a professional oil & gas security company.

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Oilfields are the matter of national security. The oilfield is often at the target of the terrorist groups. To deal with such attacks, you need to ensure proper security measures.

Even if no outside attack or any illegal activity occurred, you still need security guards at the site to respond to the emergency situations like fire emergency and any such situations.

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