Some Facts About Muffins

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English muffins are basically round, small, flat yeast-leavened bread that is horizontally sliced, buttered and toasted. Muffins are served along sweet toppings of jam, honey, eggs, sausage rounds, or cheese is breakfast for many people.

Even in a variety of breakfast sandwich English muffins are used. It is considered an important ingredient in eggs Benedict and most of its variations. Muffins are available in a variety of sizes and flavors. You can easily find these muffins in most of the Australian bakeries.


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Muffin History

Muffins are similar to cupcakes. You can say that they are flatbreads or cakes with little sugar. Muffins were earlier known as moofin and were earlier baked in the 1700s for the first time. Muffins can be made using yeast or baking soda. Nowadays muffins are cooked on a griddle in spite of oven. There are many English muffin suppliers who supply these muffin in various bakeries.

Flavors and Function

With an original plain muffin, a lot of flavors can be developed. The flavors that are extremely common are Vanilla, blueberry, and other fruit. Bran muffins become quite popular when people came to know about the benefits of whole grain. Whereas chocolate muffins are been considered as a dessert option for many people. Today in the 20th century you can easily find a variety of option when it came to the muffin.


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With time the way of eating muffins has also changed. Earlier it was used as a light snack or a side dish at dinner but they are served in breakfast or dessert. You can click here to know about bakeries.

The Fat and Sugar Explosion

With the increase in the range of muffin flavors, there is also an increase in fat and sugar content in these baked goods. Even the bakers think that making use of cake-like muffin help ware to stay fresh longer duration. A muffin is an appealing option for most of the buyers.