The Romance of the African Safari

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African wildlife safari – This phrase hints at long bright days spent admiring bizarre wildlife in one of the most world’s most exotic areas. And what could be more dreamy that sitting under the stars studding the huge African sky listening to the sounds of the tropic night and expecting the pleasures of the next day’s safari to view and photograph lion, giraffe, oryx, zebra, and wildebeest?

In taking an African safari you join a long custom of selected explorers who have reached beyond the mundane for the experience of a lifetime that only a few fearless souls can realize.

Such literary luminaries as Ernest Hemingway and Karen Blixen found motivation in Africa’s vast teeming natural landscape. The rare beauty and energy of the flora and fauna gratified something in them and drew them back again and again. Things have barely changed since those days. And today you can follow in their footsteps on an African safari that is also the holiday of a lifetime. You can avail the benefits of Tanzania tours packages and go for a safari.

Here’s a look at a usual African safari in the home of safari – Tanzania. In the morning you drive in comfort from capital Dodoma to a game reserve. En route, you stop at the Equator for a sporadic photo opportunity and then take lunch at a safari lodge on the banks of an extensive scenic River. The afternoon is reserved for game viewing. You spend the night at the game reserve relishing dinner and drinks and the magic of the African nights.

Awakening the next day to the sounds and fragrances of Africa, you set off to re-explore the allures of the game reserve and perhaps head for the beautiful forests. Spend the day adoring the flora and fauna of the forest and at night can enjoy the night sounds and visions from the comfort of your room.

The next day you sample afternoon game watching and marvel at the timeless African spectacle of herds of wildebeest and zebra sweeping across the grasslands. This is just one short journey out of the many African Safari holidays on offer.

There are numerous different packages available and you’re sure to find on that suits your budget and timeframe. The landscapes, sights, sounds and scents of Africa might not have changed since the time of Hemingway but one thing has – the environments.

The comfort and accessibility of a modern safari are on a par with a vacation in any country in the world, but with the added magic and romance of being in Africa. Lodging ranges from makeshift fly camps to the most luxurious of lodges and conveyance is in comfortable SUVs. Flying safaris are also available.