What Is Business Process Automation?

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Business Process Automation mythology deals with managing information, data, and processes in order to reduce the costs, resources, and investment. It even enhances the productivity by automating key business processes via computing technology. With sap for small business, you will have greater control over the business.

BPA is also responsible for implementing software applications to automate routine business tasks by initiation, execution, and completion. It also helps in achieving enterprise-wide workflow efficiency. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is considered a BPA implementation outcome.


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Business process automation is created to maintain efficiency. It also increases the stability and operational productivity through business-critical software applications. BPA analyze both critical and non-critical business processes. This is done in order to check dependency on different business processes and external partners.  It usually develops automated software and computing processes.

The fundamental principles of BPA are:


This method helps an organization to develop systems which provide centralized management for their enterprise computing architecture.


It combines business functions by providing the BPA system across the process-centric boundaries of an organization.

Automated execution

Here multiple tasks are reduced and less human intervention is required.

Similarly, business process management (BPM) is a process that makes sure that all organizational elements are aligning in order to improve operational performance.


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Business process management is classified through holistic management approaches for developing better business efficiency. It channelizes business towards more creative, flexible and technologically-integrated systems. It makes sure that there is consistent process improvement. You can click here to get more information related to technology. 

The purpose of business process management is to attain

  •    Higher customer satisfaction
  •    Good product quality
  •    Delivery and time to market (TTM) speed
  •    It helps organizations in becoming more efficient and effective.

Business processes are a series of activities performed in order to attain corporate and business goals. It is important for business as it leads to profit development and growth.