Wine Snobs Versus Wine Connoisseur

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To be a wine connoisseur, it is not important to be such an expert. Surely you are already a connoisseur (that is to say, a significant judge) of steaks, roasts, coffee, cheese, and also, maybe, of liquor and cigarettes. In fact, we are all connoisseurs of the things we particularly enjoy in food, drink, and entertainment.

We are not shy about talking our likes and dislikes among such items. Why be suddenly shy about our likes and dislikes among wines? Your tongue is unique just as your thumbprint is. You alone are the judge of what pleases your selective palate. It should be maintained that you are a connoisseur of wines when you have tasted enough of them to know which ones satisfy you and which do not.If you want to know more about wine you can contact Michael Asimos, a wine lover.

You are a wine snob, on the other hand, if (a) you look for a wine’s flaws instead of its virtues,

if (b) you act like an expert when you are not,

if (c) you are led by a wine’s price instead of by its flavor.

From the above analyses it is readily possible that while wine snobs are not necessarily experts or connoisseurs, you are likely to find many connoisseurs and some experts behaving like wine snobs.

Yet there is no critical harm in wine snobbery. In fact, it is fun, and might even be recommended as an easily acquired mark of gentility.

Other social endeavors get welcome support from art snobs, book snobs, and music snobs, to mention a few kinds. All of them enjoy themselves and derive benefit from them.